We had a blast this past Saturday.  We had a new friend with us that we had just gotten a few days prior and he had such a wonderful time.  It really helped break the ice with our family. He got a Bible in his pumpkin and read it all the way home.  He keeps saying “I’ve got a Bible now and I am the biggest Christian ever.” He is 11 and has never been introduced to Christ.  It was so awesome to hear him reading the Bible to our younger ones. Awesome job y’all did.

What sets Hope Haven Kids apart? It is the passion and calling of The Calamas’. The way that they serve, bring hope and share their desire to make Hope Haven a true Haven to all of God’s children is the difference maker. God has imparted such peace in that place, it is able to take a tough day, week, month and turn it to a smile, laugh and peace.

I took my son who hates to be dirty out to visit recently, and he wanted to see the horses, he traipsed through mud muck and well… the nasty to see the horses. Seeing him full of smiles and joy gave me hope and promise that renewed my heart. We are forever grateful for Hope Haven Kids and the way that John and Tracy serve, pray and have a passion to see life in our family.

Name: Courtney