Learning Center

Ady’s Haven, our Learning Center is a hub of promise.

This promise begins when a non-verbal child is registering for the first time or a child enters our program from a traditional setting with the hope of building on their own individual needs.

Our instructors will work with the family and child for the first few months to a year so that they are equipped with learning how to spell out his or her thoughts while focusing on age level academics. Finding that communication whether it is through learning to spell on a letter board, keyboard or handwriting, we will spend the necessary time to work with the student to gain confidence and unlock the vast brain that God gave them. Within our co-op type center, we will offer peer to peer relationships built by partnering with local homeschool groups to develop bonds of friendship and a truly inclusive learning environment. Building both students up in word and deed will boost success. Education fundamentals will cover academics, play, exercise, arts and life skills. To change the learning environment will be an opportunity to express beautiful minds and hearts within our Central Alabama community.