Community, Merriam- Webster’s defines as, “the people with common interests living in a particular area.” Hope Haven desires to redefine society for persons with Autism because people with common interests build one another up in hope and live in an area that is their haven. By bringing the environment of hope and haven together with skills and gifts placed within each to allow them to live a life built with proper tools in place to succeed.  Facing challenges and overcoming with family and community makes individuals and society stronger, and people with Autism are overcomers.

Within our community, we will expand to build a Group Home, chapel, market, and independent living spaces. Because we believe in and will treat them as though they are competent and have great value in our community, they will have the ability to work within their interests, skills and growing abilities.

Creating a small home community for independent living arrangements provides a person-centered environment. Allowing the person with disabilities to choose décor and have as much input as possible, as well as an opportunity to help build when possible. Small home community will foster a strong sense of community, with the larger proximity it will promote individual space but also promote being social for more extensive needs. Tiny homes support a sound fiscal plan for limited income earners.

Driven by the truth that every person has the right to live in hope and be valued Hope Haven Kids will strive to create dignity and hope for persons with disabilities as they give them support through a community. The resident and family own tiny units have can be bought outright or participated in the building by sweat equity, and they are customized for the person to have mental and physical ownership.