Imagine a peaceful piece of land surrounded by rolling hills and horses. A serene farm in Sterrett, Alabama with space dedicated to house, support, and celebrate those with unique, and differently-abled gifts.

Quiet enough to hear yourself think, Open enough to enjoy the sun basking down all the while providing a safe and loving place where persons with neurodiversities can feel the love of Christ, and to plant the seeds of hope – one child at a time.

Picture parking your car, opening the door to silence. As you step out on the land, there is a wave of peace as you look out over the pasture, past the stable to the rolling hills as horses graze. You may even forget to turn around you are so at ease and yet when you do you will see Ady’s Haven, our Learning Center that looks like a modern farmhouse. Past that and beyond the planned community garden, you will begin to see group homes and independent living cabins all to support those in Alabama with neurodiversities. Hope Haven Kids is building a community that shows the world that all people have value, deserve a place to be their haven, can find their importance, and grow in knowledge, wisdom, and favor with God and man.

Within our organization, we first address the fundamental need for acceptance and love for everyone. Building upon that we provide a wide array of services to support the individual and family with a disability by addressing obstacles to living a life full of hope. We recognize that limitations are not a one fits all concern and seek to come alongside families where they are and build them up in their value and worth.

Focusing on personal choice we offer a large variety of life-enriching opportunities and build life-long friendships through our community.
Hope Haven Kids serves to provide families with a place of peace by offering experiences of life, growth, and success. Our community program recognizes and believes in the members we serve. Through this, we focus on individual strengths to address all aspects of support with socialization, wellness, arts, life skills, daily living, and work.
By believing in people with different abilities, we strive to come alongside individuals and families to offer programs in fundamental skills focusing on five areas:

  1. Faith – Speaking in truth to who God says they are.
  2. Acceptance – positive, peaceful interactions in a world full of missed opportunities.
  3. Education – Learning opportunities to challenge appropriate life long learning.
  4. Health – Physical health through exposure and choice to live by making healthy choices and moving daily.
  5. Purpose – Utilizing gifts, talents, and skills contributing to something bigger than self.

Community, Merriam- Webster’s defines as, “the people with common interests living in a particular area.” Hope Haven desires to strengthen the community for persons with different abilities. People with common interests and uncommon interests build one another up. By bringing the individuals together with their skills and gifts placed within each of them they will be sowing seeds of hope for their tomorrow’s harvest.