Ady’s Haven

“It seems like it’s a little space out here where Heaven touches earth,” Tracy Calamas says of the sprawling acres of land she shares with her husband, John. They knew that it was meant to be shared for an uncommon purpose. Hope Haven Kids was birthed.

But there was more in store as others began to share their visions of an awe-inspiring space that would help school-aged kids and adults with special needs (autism emphasis) soar. Meanwhile, Chrissy and Brian Schubert’s daughter Ady was emerging from the silence of severe autism through new-found communication. Ady’s Army was a force for good in the autism community for years when this new partnership and dream collided.



As part of Hope Haven Kids, we will be clearing land adjacent to our ranch to build “Ady’s Haven,” a safe place where with the broader community we will provide an environment of honor, beauty and expression. With your support, we can take this dream from blueprint to reality.

We believe in sowing seeds of hope for tomorrow’s harvest. And persons with neurodiversities are a part of tomorrow’s harvest. Ady’s Haven provides the fertile ground for such.

Growing those seeds begins with watering their life with meaningful life experiences to encourage the community and bring forth independence.

  • Strengthening independent life skills in a variety of areas invests in the growth towards a brighter future.

Our facility will allow individuals to bring their gifts and talents into an environment that welcomes them with dignity.

  • Providing facilities for group activities as well as smaller classrooms allowing for specialized technology, communication opportunities as well as personalized goals to sprout.

Building both students up in word and deed through inclusivity and a culture of honor.

  • Education fundamentals will be strengths celebrated learning, brain and body exercise, nature enrichment activities,  creative arts, and life skills. Harvesting a brighter tomorrow.

Days will be filled with hope, discovery, and purpose on a farm made for community.


PHASE 1: The Life Center & Interactive Sensory Trails

The Life Center will be a hub of promise. Fostering communication and relationships will be at the heart of unlocking vast potential for our patrons with autism. The Life Center is where we can all come to the table for fellowship and purpose in a day program setting, or through workshops and events that support both student and family.

Trained instructors will equip students to do age-appropriate academic work and spell out their thoughts on a letter board, keyboard or through handwriting. Non-verbal communicators will find their voices!

Education fundamentals will include academics, play, exercise, arts and indoor/outdoor life skills–all to strengthen the mind-body-spirit connection. The bonds of friendship will grow with peers and mentors from local homeschool groups, fostering inclusion and variety. Opportunities for purpose-driven work will abound for students to serve others with their developing gifts and skills.

The peaceful green pastures will restore souls as people wind through interactive sensory trails with scripture and meditation pauses. Nature itself becomes a rich learning environment.


PHASE 2: Residential Home

We believe persons with autism can face their challenges head on with the support of their families and community and be overcomers! Within our community, we plan to build a group home for multiple adults with autism with common goals and interests. In this environment of hope and haven, we will incorporate a chapel, market, community garden, and other vocational outlets to their living spaces.


PHASE 3: HHK Tiny Homes

A tiny home model is envisioned for transitional and long-term living arrangements for those who on the road to more independence within the context of the supportive community. Including our autistic patrons in on helping to build, decorate or tidy the tiny homes will also help to generate work experience and create rental options or respite for those in the outside community.

Stay tuned for more building fund details!



Ady’s Haven’s Values

  1. FAITH: Speaking in truth to who God says they are.
  2. ACCEPTANCE: Positive, peaceful interactions in a world full of missed opportunities.
  3. EDUCATION: Learning opportunities to challenge appropriate life-long learning
  4. HEALTH: Physical health through exposure and choice to live by making healthy decisions and moving daily.
  5. PURPOSE: Utilizing gifts, talents, and skills contributing to something bigger than self


“More love is all that you need.”
–Ady Schubert, age 9 (spelling through the Rapid Prompting Method)