About Hope Haven Kids

The mission of Hope Haven Kids is to empower all God’s children to shine in a faith-based, life-giving, safe and positive environment. Providing a safe and loving place where families and especially children with disabilities can feel the love of Christ.  Planting the seeds of hope – one person at a time. Hope Haven Kids provides an array of services to families affected by disabilities, with emphasis on those living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, by access to fun family events, art lessons, respite, faith-based counseling, and prayer. Hope Haven Kids intends to bridge the gap to services that promote whole health, independence and self-sufficiency for future generations in a faith-focused environment. . By believing in people with different abilities, we strive to come alongside families to offer programs in fundamental skills focusing on five areas:

  1. Faith – Speaking in truth to who God says they are.
  2. Acceptance – positive, peaceful interactions in a world full of missed opportunities.
  3. Education – Learning opportunities to challenge appropriate life long learning.
  4. Health – Physical health through exposure and choice to live by making healthy choices and moving daily.
  5. Purpose – Utilizing gifts, talents, and skills contributing to something bigger than self.

In 2016 founders Tracy and John Calamas were moved by the needs of children with disabilities they experienced while hosting a church group on their farm for a family fun day. They believe sharing the Gospel, showing God’s love, and meeting needs can help break the cycle of isolation, fear and depression that special needs families encounter in their journeys and replace those sorrows with the joy of the Lord.

Hope Haven Kids has been established to help families and their children find a haven as they develop an inclusive community for all of God’s children to laugh, play, dream and live with hope.

Hope Haven Kids is a recognized 501 (c)(3).